Bridging the Gap with Technology

New Earth Power is a registered not-for-profit organisation devoted to providing new-age technologies to remote and disconnected communities across the globe.

We act on behalf of those without a voice; those that have been left behind.

This is more than just installing a couple of solar panels on someones house or digging a hole which will give them water, these energy farms will provide a profit and financial gain for that local community.

This in-turn will help to generate important infrastructure such as Hospitals, Schools, Housing and civil infrastructure.

By redefining the type of system installed, we are able to generate an income for the remote communities — not just better living conditions but the same benefits as what we take advantage of in the rest of the world.

The New Earth Process

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    Supply of Renewable Energy Infrastructure to Remote Communities

  • construct-energy-farms

    Project Execution by New Earth Power

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    With all proceeds generated by the community-owned energy farm going back into the community

Endless Global Benefits


Restore & Maintain Balance


Lower CO2 and fossil fuel waste


Enhance life across the globe

Everyone deserves opportunities in life, no matter where you live

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